ARRO is a leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. For over 40 years, ARRO had provided state-of-the-art GIS solutions to diversified organizations of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s implementing an automated data management system, creating a tool to model a utility network, or using cutting-edge data technology to locate features in the field, ARRO will provide a solution to fulfill your need.

ARRO provides state-of-the-art modeling for water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities. ARRO has the capability of identifying and solving complex issues such as water age areas of interest, contaminate mitigation, sanitary flow capacity analysis, stormwater flooding mitigation, and proper utility sizing.

ARRO has the capability of identifying and solving complex issues such as:

  • Water Age Areas of Interest
  • Contaminate Mitigation
  • Sanitary Flow Capacity Analysis
  • Stormwater Flooding Areas
  • Proper Utility Sizing

ARRO has the knowledge to assist organizations with developing desktop, online, and mobile applications specific to industry needs. Our team can provide you with digital mapping tools to visualize your data, create inspection and maintenance workflows and tracking systems to monitor progress, and implement notification systems and automated tools to help your organization run as efficiently as possible.

Mapping & Data Collection

  • Utility System Mapping
  • Historic Mapping
  • Map & Survey Grade Data Collection
  • MS4 Mapping, Planning & Analysis
  • Zoning & Land Use Mapping
  • Wetland & Water Resources
  • Demographic Modeling
  • Orthoimagery (Aerial Mapping)
  • Elevation Modeling
  • Public Data Collection
  • Contaminant Source Inventory & Analysis

Data Management

  • Process Automation
  • Geodatabase Design and Management
  • Document Scanning & Digital Integration
  • Utility & Asset Management Tools
  • Data Validation and Standardization

System Design/Implementation/Training

  • Custom Application Development
  • Asset Tracking, & Reporting Solutions
  • Integrating and Simplifying Solutions
  • Data Accessibility
  • Local & Cloud Data Management Solutions
  • Support, Training, & Updates

Custom Tool Development

  • Desktop, Cloud, & Mobile Solutions
  • Municipal Asset Tracking and Reporting Tools
  • Digital Workflow Automation
  • Automated Document Production
  • Public/Private Notification and Reporting Systems
  • Form Digitization
  • Map Based Web Portals
  • Site Modeling
  • Real Time Data Monitoring
  • SCADA Integration

ARRO is an approved GIS course provider for water and wastewater operators by the Department of Environmental Protection.