ARRO’s resident project representative (RPR) staff works on-site under the direction of the ARRO project manager and/or the engineer of capital improvement or municipal construction projects. RPRs serve as the engineer’s on-site liaison with contractors; communicating details and information to the engineer, owner, and contractors.

RPR staff completes a variety of tasks including site progress & quality reports, observation of work, schedule management, inspections and tests, pay applications/ payment requests, progress meeting attendance and minutes as required, third-party testing and/or inspection reports, site photographs; and substantial completion punch-lists.

Observation includes reports to the engineer of any work, material, or equipment that are either defective or not in conformance with the contract documents; any inspection test, or approval that may be unsatisfactory or not in conformance with contract documents; and any work that should be corrected, rejected, or subjected to additional observation or testing. RPRs also accompany inspectors of regulatory parties during their reviews of the project site and notify the engineer when results are released.

RPRs maintain organized records of correspondence, drawings and samples, plans, and contract documents including work directive changes, addenda, change orders, field orders, drawings, and progress reports. They are also responsible for recording personnel hours, weather conditions, job site visitors, and general observation of the procedure and progress of work, all to be reported to the engineer. These reports are accompanied by photographic documentation of work on-site.

ARRO’s purpose on a job site as an RPR or as a Construction Manager is to observe if the project is being completed in a timely, safety-conscious, correct manner.

Core Services

  • Resident Project Representative
  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Management

Our RPR team offers services for the following projects:

  • Land Development
  • Bridges (Culverts)
  • Sewers
  • Electrical Sub-station Improvements
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Historical Building Restorations
  • Paving Projects
  • Masonry Rehabilitation Projects

Safety First

Safety is one of our top priorities on sites. We enforce all site/ company safety policies and protocols.

 Communication You Can Count On

Project managers, engineers, contractors, and clients are all kept consistently up to date on the project’s progress.



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