System Valuation

Are you considering selling of your water or wastewater treatment system?  ARRO has the professional staff to assist your municipality or authority with complying with Act 12 of 2016, to provide a fair market valuation of your system.

In accordance with Act 12, modified Chapter 13 of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Code guidelines for utility System Valuation Experts:

  • ARRO is listed with the PA Public Utility Commission as a Utility Valuation Expert
  • ARRO can assist your municipal corporation or authority with establishing a fair market value for your utility (Note: one is selected by the acquiring company or entity and one is selected by the municipal corporation or authority)
  • ARRO will determine fair market value in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, employing the cost, market and income approaches.
  • ARRO can provide the needed engineering services to conduct an assessment of the tangible assets of the selling utility. (Note: One engineer is selected and agreed to by both the acquiring and selling entities)



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