I-93 Central Artery Tunnel Project
($220 Million)

Boston, Suffolk County, MA

Massachusetts Highway Department


The I-93 Central Artery/Tunnel projects connected Leverett Circle and Storrow Drive. The tunnels for this project passed under the North Station rail yard and a number of buildings and structures, including the MBTA Green Live viaduct, the Science Park station and Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles building.

ARRO was responsible for producing the structural underpinning design for the North Station tracks, the existing Storrow Drive viaducts, the existing MBTA Green Line via duct and the MV registry building. Additionally, ARRO was responsible for:

  • Design of slurry wall excavation support systems for the new tunnels
    • Support of excavation systems required to protect the existing Storrow Dr. tunnel
    • Slurry walls required to provide deep foundation support of several viaduct piers while a tunnel section was excavated below.
  • Construction staging
  • Plans
  • Specifications
  • Cost options
  • Design support service